NaNoWriMo Finale


And that's a wrap! The last day of November calls the end of NaNoWriMo, with most participants crumpling into an exhausted heap. That includes me! 

During the month of November, I woke most week days at 5am, spending the first hour of the morning smashing out 500 words, then another 1,000 words on the train to and from the day job , topping up my daily word count  on the couch at night. Mostly, I hit the required 1,667 daily word target, but with a house renovation, consulting business to run, Melbourne based project and small child to parent, there were days where the writing fell way behind. Or did not happen at all. 

So where did I land at the end of the month? I am proud to say I am the new parent of a 40,068 first draft young adult manuscript. The story is a mess and will require a structural edit before I do anything with it. Strangely, I do not like the finished plot very much due to the lack of time to plan it out, so not a lot may happen with it at all. I would like to polish one or two chapters, if only to hone my editing skills. I didn't make the 'winners' target of 50,000 words, however I am ecstatic with getting this far given I decided to enter just two days before it started.

The process of NaNoWriMo has been a steep, enlightening learning curve. It's taught me  that I am an extreme plotter and not a pantser, that the crazier and less predictable I am with my writing, the more fun I have and the more it lifts my story. I've learned that next time I attempt writing a novel, I will need weeks, even months, of planning and plotting for the words to flow easily. And I will need the writers tool Scrivener. I cannot see how anyone could write without this amazing software. Also, all you are writing is a revolting, messy first draft that will require months of editing and tweaking to get it to a submission ready manuscript stage.

Will I do it again? Absolutely! See, I've forgotten the painful middle part slump of day fourteen already! I am already plotting and planning my middle grade speculative fiction novel to write during NaNoWriMo 2018.