Sea Shanties: A Prints Charming Anthology

Last year I ramped up my daily writing, creating many short stories for both adults and children. Writing short stories is so different from other forms of writing - even children's picture books. Each story sits around the magic 2,500 word mark - each sentence must work hard to create a scene or emotion and drive the plot forward a little bit further without playing all your cards at once. When writing a novel, you have the luxury of 100,000 plus words to dabble with hues of light and textures and tastes in each scene, meandering down paths that curve this way and that. The road is much straighter in short stories - which is a huge attraction to me as I love short, clever writing that hooks you at ever twist and turn, leaving you gasping for air at the end.


This year, I had a short story published by Prints Charming Books in an anthology with a theme of the 'sea'. My story, Kai the Fisher Girl is targeted at middle grade readers (age 9-12 years).  It’s a modern take on the age-old theme of a girl who envies her brother for the things he’s allowed to do. Kai loves fishing, but her family would prefer her to take the traditional feminine role in life. The anthology's title is Sea Shanties and is a shared venture project for authors, coordinated by author  Sally Odgers

I'm looking forward to contribution more short stories to Prints Charming Books anthologies.  The next one put has a theme of 'warriors' which will be out in May this year.