Book Review 2016 Top Pick - "We Found A Hat" by Jon Klassen

Things that come in "threes" have a magical quality about them. Generally there is a central hero on a quest and we ride each second of the way on their wayward journey. Think Lord of the Rings, Hunger Games, and The Golden Compass. Now writer and illustrator Jon Klassen is added to the list of great trilogy writers completing his picture book series with We Found A Hat. What a talent Jon Klassen has in bringing simple text alive.  No wonder he has a Caldecott Medal and Kate Greenaway Medal under his hat (let's hope he doesn't lose that one.)

Each book is written in a similar vein. The text is minimalist peppered with deadpan humour whilst delivering a complex parable of a quest to find a lost hat. But the book is not simply about this now is it? You will find themes of generosity, anxiety, desire and justice. The sepia tones of the pictures and spooky gazes of turtles, hares and foxes adds so much atmosphere to this story. The final book features two turtles and one hat. What a problem! I Want My Hat Back delivers a happy ending with a twist.

If you have not been lucky enough to read the first book in this series then have a look at I Want My Hat Back  here. This clip was created by a kinder group which adds to its charm.